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Rising SoftTech Services

Our Services

Enterprises seek high availability solutions for critical e-business applications as business processes depend on IT infrastructure. A world-class end-user application experience impacts customer satisfaction and business growth. Continuous availability of critical applications is a business imperative as companies can lose customers as a result of a breakdown in applications. To stay competitive in the emerging global economy, companies worldwide are preparing themselves to counter challenges. They spend lot of time, money and energy in adopting and adapting to new strategies to cope with business challenges by investing in information technologies. A strategic partner can help you manage IT (Information Technology) as a cost effective and competitive tool which can help mitigate risks. Your organization can hence look forward to supporting global business initiatives in a time frame that matches the pace of your business.

In today's demanding business environment which prioritizes flexibility, speed, and efficiency, a robust IT strategy is critical. We help you achieve these qualities in your IT strategy by providing you system integration, testing, application development and management services and solutions.

Our quality of service defines our moto to provide world class end-user experience at minimum cost. The use of advance technologies make us stand stronger then other.

Why Rising TechnoSoft?

Other factors driving the adoption of our services by different customers include improving service levels, cost reduction, help in integration through process management and gaining access to best-in-class processes without owning or acquiring technology and skills.

Rising TechnoSoft is a leading provider of IT services focusing on multiple horizontals and verticals. Our integrated solution approach provides prime value to customers through process standardization, process simplification and process optimization. We can leverage our range of enterprise offerings to enable diverse domains meet existing technology and functional requirements even as we partner with customers to go to the next level of operational excellence. With a well-entrenched global delivery model, our IT services are provided from North America, Central and Eastern Europe, India, China and Latin America.

Our Features

  • Robust and secured ORACLE Database.
  • Digital Signed Documents (Contract Notes, Bills etc.)
  • Auto Emailing ( All Reports )
  • SMS Interface (Net Position, Confirmation, Financial, Demat Stock etc.)
  • All Reports Exports in ( PDF, XLS, HTML, TEXT, WORD )
  • Financial Tech. ( FT ) Terminals interface with Back Office : ( Position + Deposits + Stocks )
  • AsianCerc interface with Back Office : ( Position + Deposits + Stocks )
  • Nse-It interface with Back Office : ( Position + Deposits + Stocks )
  • Real Time BRANCH – SUBBRANCH – GROUP – CLIENT Web Login.
  •  All Inspection Related Reports.
  • Payment Control Report ( Multi Segments )
  • Branch can open Accounts, Vouchers and Demat Request through Internet.
  • UCC can export Through Party Master. ( No double entry )
  • Automatic Account Opening Charges.
  • Drop Down from Trial to Voucher.
  • Demat Atomization. ( Demat Charges, Client Stocks, Payout, Payin )
  •  Auto Dividend / Bonus / Merger
  • Hold of Client Payout on Debit Balances.
  • Demat Charges on Payin.
  • Auto Scrip Merging.
  • Demat Holding Matching ( Cdsl vs. Nse Back Office )
  • Combine Financial Ledger ( CM + FO + CURRENCY )
  • Ageing Debtors Report.
  • Single Account Opening and Brokerage Entry for All Segments.
  • Branches can view their Client’s Margin & P&L on Real Time Basis through Internet during Trading hours.
  • Internet Support for Trouble Shooting ( assures same day solution for any query )
  • Date Range Dormant Account Report.(DP)
  • High Value Transaction Report.(DP)
  • Double Verification In High Value Transaction.(DP)
  • Debit Balance Transfer from DP To Capital segment.(DP)
  • Commodity Transaction Billing available.(DP)
  •  All Single Client Report viewed by client master.(DP)
  • Online Slip punching from branches (DP)
  • BO Account Setup from branches(DP)
  • Voucher Entry from branches(DP)



Windows and Web Applications

Backoffice softwares are available as windows and web application


Customer Support

24X7 online and offline customer support